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Dear visitors , if you are interesting to buy original Drawings by the painter Raphael Perez, you are invited to contact him directly on phone: ++972-35273929 or ++972-525543815 Or to send him by e-mail your phone number and we will contact you. We be happy to offer you the best available original paintings & drawings. You can communicate with Raphael Perez and have a view of his studio through MSN messenger camera. His MSN address is perez222@hotmail.com

black and white gay drawings
Black and White
erect and ready homo drawing
Erect and Ready
top for bottom gay men image
Top for Bottom
gay Couples  

Couples Drawn
gay kissing pictures
Kissing Heart
gay romantic desire
Romantic Desire
active passive image on gay art
Active Passive
gay enjoying bliss
Enjoying Bliss
men distortion drawings
gay cock fight men draw
Cock Fight
penis emotion gay male body part
Penis Emotion
kikking me softly gay love drawings
Killing Me Softly
sharing passion ink drawing
Sharing Passion
towards the sky watercolor paintings and drawings
Towards The Sky
gay men passion images
Gay Passion
edge of emotion erotic male art
Edge of Emotion
gay couple together pic
big dick erotic male drawings
Big Head
red erotic gay paintings pictures
I Love Red
active gay guy artworks